Bra Classification

"Her bra, a delicate armor of lace and silk" Do you know about bra?

"Her bra, a delicate armor of lace and silk" Do you know about bra?

Bras can be classified based on different criteria. The following are some commonly seen classifications:

Underwire: Bras can be classified into wired bras, wire-free bras, and soft wire bras based on the presence and type of underwire. Underwire bras provide enhanced support and shaping, while wire-free or soft wire bras offer a more comfortable and natural feel, although they may not provide as much lift or shaping.

Function: Bras can be categorized based on their intended functions and purposes, such as nursing bras, sports bras, invisible bras, shaping bras, etc. Different functional bras are designed with specific features and materials to meet different needs and occasions.

Closure: Bras can be classified based on the position and quantity of closures, including back-closure bras, front-closure bras, side-closure bras, etc. Back-closure bras are the most common type, typically featuring one to four hooks for adjustable tightness. Front-closure bras are convenient for wearing and often provide a good cleavage effect, but they may affect the aesthetics. Side-closure bras are less common and mainly used for strapless or multiway strap designs.

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